Consistent is a small and simple Javascript framework to enable an abstract model to be synced with the DOM.

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What is it?

Consistent is a small and simple Javascript framework for syncing an abstract model with the DOM. Consistent is designed to be easy to learn and use for anyone already using jQuery to manipulate the DOM. Consistent simplifies your code, and doesn’t prevent you from using jQuery at the same time.

Consistent.js uses BrowserStack for cross-browser testing.

Give me an example

Here are some simple examples of how you might use Consistent.

Updating text on a page

When you have data in JavaScript that you want to put into the DOM, Consistent removes the need to manipulate the DOM directly. Use a declarative style to direct Consistent.

<h1>Welcome <span ct="name"></span></h1>
<button>Sign out <span ct="name"></span></button>
var scope = $('body').consistent(); = "guest";

Working with forms

Full name:

<form id="exampleForm" ct-on="handleForm">
    Full name: <input type="text" name="fullname"><br>
    Gender: <label><input type="radio" name="gender" value="M"> Male</label>
            <label><input type="radio" name="gender" value="F"> Female</label><br>
    <input type="submit">
var scope = $("#exampleForm").consistent();
scope.$handleForm = function(ev) {
    var data = this.$.model();
    alert("Full name: " + data.fullname + "\nGender: " + data.gender);